at Fall Fest

Children's Activities

Face Painting

Paint easy prechosen pictures

Inflatables- Slide 1

Supervise Inflatables

Corn Pits

Supervise children as they enjoy the Corn Pits

Inflatables - Preschool

Supervise Inflatables for 2-5 year olds

Inflatables - K-1st Grade Bounce House

Supervise Inflatables

Inflatables - 4th-5th Grade Bounce Houses

Supervise Inflatables

Inflatables - 2nd-3rd Grade Bounce House

Supervise Inflatables


Saturday Set-up

Help with various set-up activities on Sat (day before Fall Fest)

Parking Cart Driver

Drive golf cart to transport people between parking and Fall Fest

Trash Attendant

Empty trash receptacles and help other teams dispose of trash

Sunday Set-up

Help with various set-up activities on Sun (before Fall Fest starts)


Help tear-down on Sun (after Fall Fest)


Be a friendly, welcoming face to guests as they arrive (2 people per entrance)


This team will be equipped to help answer people's questions and direct them where they need to go. This can be done while enjoying the event with family and friends, as long as you are willing to help people as needed for the duration of the event.

Volunteer Parking Attendants

Help direct incoming volunteer cars to the designated parking area

Attendance Tracker

Count people as they enter. (1 person per entrance)


Hay Rides

Help keep lines moving and assist people on and off the wagons if needed.

Pony Ride Helper

Help vendor keep lines moving and organized

Student Activities


Vegetable Soup Servers

Help serve vegetable soup and baked beans to our guests

Food Line Assistant

Help guests carry their plates and find a table