• May 21 & 22

Senior Sunday is quickly approaching! We are celebrating high school seniors at the end of May and helping them transition into the next stage of life within our church body. We have several ways we are planning to love our seniors:

  • Our senior gift is a trip to Top Golf on Saturday, May 21. We will cover the cost of Top Golf, lunch, and transportation.
    Another gift will be available for those seniors who can't participate in this trip.
  • On Sunday, May 22, we will celebrate Senior Sunday. This includes:
    • Being recognized, honored, and prayed for in both the 9 and 10:30 services.
      Provide a baby picture, a senior picture and future plans inside of the registration.
    • Continental breakfast for graduates and parents/guardians after being recognized in the 9 AM service.
    • Sunday evening, we will have Senior Night, where all of our seniors will be the focus of the evening. This will be during our typical 6 - 7:30 PM youth group time.


Dana Neuenschwander
(260) 244-5959